First off, Bety from Deep end of the Loom nominated me for a creative blogger award.  It was so very nice of her to think of me!  Unfortunately she also caught me right at the conversion of my blogger blog into wordpress, so I’m late with the thanks and haven’t the energy to pass along much more.

Well, I’m here now.  Brent converted the blog for me (yay Brent!) but I didn’t have the time to sit down and figure out how to update now that everything was new.  I haven’t changed the template or updated links or anything, but at least there are signs of life in this little old blog.  I’m bummed that blogger ended support for FTP publishing, but it seems like wordpress has a lot of options so I might be alright here.

In weaving news, I finished the second cashmere scarf but still need to take photos.  I also finished some tablet weaving that turned out just adorable!  I will have to make an effort to take some photos and get them up here :)

I haven’t been doing much knitting, but I have been crafting a bit. I got a felting kit, so I’ve been experimenting with that. I also have been playing with ideas for stuff to make and sell at a big garage sale event in June. I’ll leave you with a couple photos from that fun, before I head off for a long weekend. Yay for vacation days!

Felted wine cozy — soon to be decorated via needle felting.

Felted beer/soda cozy — already decorated with orange needle felting details, but I didn’t have a photo of it.

I’ve done a little swatching here and there, but most of my weekend and this week so far have been consumed by gardening!

A collection of random bushes along the south edge of the yard, plus the birdbath with petunias under it:

And my vegetable garden boxes. Nothing’s up yet, but most of it’s planted:

Oh, I almost forgot. In exciting knitting news, my brown and pink swatch was approved for my vest project! Yay!

Wow, now that the shawl’s done, I feel like there’s a weight lifted. I finished my level 1 resubmit swatch for the Master Knitter program and got it mailed off today. I pulled out the cuff of my Inside Out sock for the Rockin Socks club and started reknitting on size 2s. I printed out the instructions for the first few swatches in TKGA’s level 2 course. This one’s not going to be as quick to finish as the first one was. Lots of seaming and finishing stuff!

Due to untold hours in airports, on planes, and in hotel rooms, I’ve made it through the first repeat of chart F. 7 more repeats of that left. The rows are down to about 250 stitches, so that makes things go a bit faster. After that, I’ll have to do the edging along the top. I anticipate that taking a while–especially picking up all those stitches.

I’m almost done with ball 2 of my yarn. I think I’ll be able to finish it with the third ball. I wasn’t quite sure how the yardage would work out for my substitution, so that makes me pretty happy.

So anyway, here it is. Could double as a tablecloth I think!

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