After Christmas I had a few days at home to work on my weaving, so I finished the teal/turquoise swiss twill warp. Mimi decided she needed more attention so she snuck in and took a seat.

Here’s the big pile just off the loom. I’ve wet finished now, but need to press and hem them still.

And finally, I got a new warp on the loom. This is a mystery cotton warp that’s not particularly strong. Fortunately, it wound on like a dream, but now that I’m weaving, I’m getting a lot of broken ends on my selvedges. I have it threaded in a crackle pattern and love it! I didn’t get a picture of any of the weaving though, so here’s just a picture of the warp, ready to go on.

Oh, also, I got an inkle loom for Christmas and have made several bands out of carpet warp. It’s so much fun! They make awesome hair bands and cat toys.

I spent the weekend winding a warp and dressing the loom for some 8/2 cotton towels. I’m making these from some mill ends I got from WEBS. The warp is a dark turquoise/almost teal color that’s darker than it appears in these pics. I have enough warp for 6 or 7 towels, depending on how much I sample, so I can use several different color and treadling combinations.

Here’s the loom:

And here’s a closeup. Note the long warp floats in part of it–I know I know, not good :) I was just messing around with my treadlings and that one didn’t work out. Also, it’s crazy how two yarns labeled 8/2 can have such varying grists. The tan right before the blue is so much thinner than the blue and the turquoise both.

Tree towels! I loved doing these. I may just have to put another warp on for some more. The draft came from A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns. There’s a whole section on little figures that can be made on a rosepath threading, and they turn out wonderfully on the edges of these towels.

Pardon the dark photo. It’s been dark all day here and I had a hard time getting any shot that wasn’t washed out by flash. The towels are ivory with a dark green border.