I finished the crackle towels, and the two pillows from the crackle towel fabric. What fun! I even was able to add buttons and buttonholes to the pillow sham. Yay for the new sewing machine’s buttonhole function :)

Today I’m starting to wind a warp for some napkins for Erika. I also need to wind off some 10/2 cotton for next weekend’s workshop on tablet weaving.

The Teal/Turquoise towels are off to their new owner. Well, 4 of them are. I’m left with two that I’ve listed on Etsy:

And after a terrible struggle with a very weak warp yarn, I finished weaving a bunch of crackle towels. I ended up using nearly a can of hairspray to try to keep the warp threads from breaking. I also used a paper clip temple to help minimize draw in. It all worked quite well and after a disastrous first towel, I ended up with just a few broken ends here and there.

I’ve just washed them and they’re waiting for pressing and ironing right now, but here’s a preview:

I’ve been complaining about the lack of sun, and you’ll note that picture was taken with a flash. Of course today, we get sun but I’ve had too much work to be able to take a break for pressing and hemming, so no pictures yet. Boo!

That does remind me, though, that I should go use the sun to take a picture of the socks I just finished knitting :)

After Christmas I had a few days at home to work on my weaving, so I finished the teal/turquoise swiss twill warp. Mimi decided she needed more attention so she snuck in and took a seat.

Here’s the big pile just off the loom. I’ve wet finished now, but need to press and hem them still.

And finally, I got a new warp on the loom. This is a mystery cotton warp that’s not particularly strong. Fortunately, it wound on like a dream, but now that I’m weaving, I’m getting a lot of broken ends on my selvedges. I have it threaded in a crackle pattern and love it! I didn’t get a picture of any of the weaving though, so here’s just a picture of the warp, ready to go on.

Oh, also, I got an inkle loom for Christmas and have made several bands out of carpet warp. It’s so much fun! They make awesome hair bands and cat toys.