houndstooth vest

The past few days haven’t produced much in the way of knitted objects, but have been educational and somewhat interesting at least.

First off, I got several new books in the mail. I love getting reprints of the classics:

I also got a shipment from Knitpicks so I could start swatching for my Level 2 vest. I’ve pretty much set on doing a houndstooth vest of my own design. Probably a scoop neck. I heard people say that Palette was scratchy, but I find it quite soft and very pleasant to work with. Here’s what I’ve done as far as a swatch I like:

I also tried lavender and cream, but didn’t care for the end result. There wasn’t enough contrast I think. I have several other colors to play with, and might have to alter from the pink/brown combo above if the committee thinks it’s too dark.

I shudder to think how much knitting it’s going to take to make an entire vest at 8 stitches per inch. Good grief, what am I getting into :)