mystery stole 3

Clue three was released this week and I spent much of the afternoon working on it. I finished just in time to get a photo in the waning afternoon sunlight.

It’s definitely looking like “something” but I can’t for the life of me think what the theme might be. Obviously the faggoting is making very clear points. Not sure if that has a meaning or not. Hum. Oh, and to answer Jessica’s question from last week since I don’t have a great way to respond to comments–The beads are indeed red.

In other knitting news, a couple weeks ago I finished the knee socks I was making with the April yarn from the rockin sock club. This was the “silkie” wool/silk blend and it feels diving. I have to use straps as garters to keep them up though. I might thread in some elastic instead.

My apologies for the poor photo. There wasn’t any good light and I haven’t persuaded brent to take another photo on a better day.

So I was browsing around Ravelry the other day when I was struck by all these lovely pictures of a stole in progress. It was the Mystery Stole 3. I saw that signups were closing in a few days so I hurried over and signed up, and immediately started knitting.

The instructions said that it was best worked in black or white, and I had some off-white alpaca/silk blend laceweight that would be just right. I hopped off to the craft store and picked up some beads, and off I went.

Yesterday, clue 2 was released (more of the pattern), and I just finished it today. Here’s what it’s looking like:

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the main motif on this end is supposed to be? Here’s a closeup

Also, for posterity’s sake, here’s the photo I took at the end of clue 1. I didn’t want to make a separate post for it too. It was also taken in better light so it looks white instead of blue :)