My laptop was out of commission for the weekend as the cord broke and I had to have a new one shipped to me. During that time I did a fair amount of swatching for the master knitter stuff. I misread the instructions for my first cable swatch so I’m using it as my test swatch for the Cable Flare solution. Here are the cable ones I did finish, plus a very pretty lace swatch that ended up being too big :(

You can kind of see some little black lines on the lace swatch. Those are extra T pins in my “cat prevention” attempt. I do not know what it is about knitted swatches but they are cat magnets. Even with the pins, I caught one of them sneaking a paw or two onto it. Sheesh.

As for the cables–wow you can really see the flare problem. I’m kind of surprised they don’t have us resolve it on all 3 swatches.

I also did some seaming work. I seamed an exceedingly beautiful 1×1 rib seam, but realized after the fact that my cast on edges aren’t the same (one’s bumpy, one’s smooth), so I have to redo it. I might rework the entire swatch to use a tubular cast on anyway since those are so pretty.

I’m struggling a lot with the seed stitch seam. I got my copy of IK from Spring 2002, and it’s helpful but translating it to the reality of my swatch is being troublesome.