I decided I need to try spinning some different types of fibers and different preparations to see what I like and what I don’t like.  The combed merino top I had was lovely, but I also think rather difficult to spin.  It required a lot of pre-drafting to make sure I didn’t end up with something chunky.

I went to etsy and browsed around for some different fiber types, and found this listing for a sampler pack of different colors of Romney roving. In the picture there, I’ve spun the top right and bottom left colors. I still have the other two left to do.

Here they are!

Each skein is an ounce and has about 125 yards. They’re approximately fingering weight. I spun one ball of singles, then plied from a center pull ball. It worked perfectly on the first skein, but I had a couple snarls near the end on the second one. I should let the singles sit for at least a full 24 hours before plying next time.

And here’s a closeup. You can definitely see how the fiber has a halo to it. The yarn is soft, but not like the merino. I think I’ll use this yarn as a weft for some weaving.

This is my first “real” handspun. I have messed around with spinning before, but without really knowing what I was doing. Then I got a copy of Start Spinning by Maggie Casey. I took it slowly and did it all on my spindle. I’m a lot more comfortable after spinning these 4 oz of fiber.

And here’s a detail shot. You can tell I’m not terribly consistent yet, but I’m getting better. I think it was best for me to just get through this fiber rather than trying to fret over it and make it perfect.

I’ve been on a bit of a bad blogging spell, and truly bad knitting too. I haven’t knit much, though I’ve purchased more yarn (who can help it?). I did eventually rip out the grasshopper sock I was working on before, and reknit it. I’m nearly finished with sock number 1:

I’m using the over the knee socks pattern from Handknit Holidays, but made mine just knee socks instead of over-the-knee. The detail on the back is a bit lost in the striping of the yarn, but that’s OK–it keeps me interested in the pattern at least.

In addition, I happened to win a contest on the STR Rockin Sock Club blog! I got a prize of a lightweight STR skein of Lunasea: