I over-fulled a baby blanket I just finished weaving. I needed to full it aggressively to get it down to size. I started at 44″ x 55″ and needed to get it around 30″ x 40″. I measured every minute, but apparently the edges fulled less than the middles. It’s now 28″ x 36″. If I can get over this I might be able to crochet a border or something.


I ran out of green yarn as I neared the minimum length for two shawls so I decided that’s where I would stop. I did have to use some other yarn on the end of one shawl to get them to be long enough so it ended up with a bright yellow stripe at the end.

Here they both are!

And here I’m modeling the all green one. I really like it. I wasn’t sure that I would, given the colors and the kinda busy pattern I picked, but somehow it all works.

I did intend to have the shawls be a bit longer. I wove approximately 160″ total, or 80″ each on the loom, expecting to end up with around 72″ after take up, and 70″ after hemming. Either my measuring tapes are all crap (could be…) or the takeup was a bit more because I ended with right around 67″ each, just barely over the minimum of 66″.

As my first weaving with very fine gauge wool, this was a great learning experience. I now know how to beat carefully to avoid broken warp threads. I also know that I tend to prefer shorter warps. I’m probably going to stick to doing only 1 thing at a time so I don’t have to weave off warps longer than, say, four yards or so.

Next up–I’ve come up with a color scheme for a simple plaid double-weave blanket. I’ve got 5 colors of Harrisville Shetland that I’m going to set at 10epi. What a treat to work with “big” yarn after the 20/2 wool! I’m winding the warp tonight in front of the TV with Brent and will try to get it on the loom tomorrow. This is my first try at doubleweave. I understand the concept pretty well, so we’ll see how that translates to reality.