Monthly Archives: May 2007

I haven’t been doing much knitting, but I have been crafting a bit. I got a felting kit, so I’ve been experimenting with that. I also have been playing with ideas for stuff to make and sell at a big garage sale event in June. I’ll leave you with a couple photos from that fun, before I head off for a long weekend. Yay for vacation days!

Felted wine cozy — soon to be decorated via needle felting.

Felted beer/soda cozy — already decorated with orange needle felting details, but I didn’t have a photo of it.

It’s nights like tonight that I love handknit socks. I’m sitting out on my back porch (yes, with the laptop), watching it rain, with cozy wool socks keeping my toes nice and toasty, even though they’re a tiny bit damp from the rain.