My adventures in couture sewing continue!  I’m following along the lessons of the Craftsy class and have made a lot more changes to my dress muslin, and also made up a muslin for a skirt too.  For the dress, I’ve added a circle skirt instead of a straight skirt, and I changed the midriff panel to go along the straight of grain instead of the bias.  I also eliminated the front center seam in the midriff to reduce bulk.  I’m really happy with how it looks now, so it’s time to get going on the fashion fabrics!

Robin and I ordered a dozen or so swatches from Mood.  I have decided on a blue silk poplin with a silk charmeuse floral print lining.  It’s so lovely!  There will also be a plain white silk organza underlining because that’s just how couture rolls.

Since I only got those ordered today, in the meantime I’m working on a little skirt pattern.  Thanks to the Amazing Fit line at Simplicity, I found a simple skirt pattern that fit perfectly with no alterations needed.  I made up the muslin this weekend and got started on cutting out the fashion fabrics.  It’s an unlined pattern, so I added an underlining of floral cotton to accent chocolate brown corduroy.  I’m not done laying out the corduroy yet, but I’ll probably get to the basting this week.

The couture  process is making so much sense to me.  There’s nothing that’s done without a reason.  So even though there are a lot of steps and a lot of hand sewing, you understand why you’re doing things and it makes perfect sense.  I really love the process of making a muslin for fitting first.  I’ve never bothered with that, and clearly it is the right thing to do.

I also have never shopped for fashion fabric at a true fashion fabric store.  Joanns and Hancocks are great for cottons, but when you want something nicer, they have a bunch of polyester.  It’s actually not that expensive to get real silk!  You just have to order online.  I know I’ve spent over $100 on fabric for a sewing project before, but this time my $120 is getting me 3 layers of silk for a truly luxurious dress that I know is going to fit because I bothered to spend the $8 on muslin for a fitting shell.

If you can’t tell, this process has me all aflutter.  I love it when I’m learning new things.

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