Back in February (I think) I took a Tablet weaving workshop sponsored by my guild.  One of our members, John Mullarkey taught the class. I had a great time and immediately warped my inkle loom at home so I could play with “Egyptian Diagonals” and doublefaced weaving. I had checked out Peter Collingwood’s Book on Tablet Weaving from the guild library, so I used a font in it to practice the double-faced weaving. I very shortly learned how to unweave. Yikes. That can be a huge pain if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing.

I had to return that book, so my warp sat for a while, just waiting for me to pick it back up. In the meantime, I ordered Linda Hendrickson’s book, Please Weave a Message. I finished the practice band last week.

It’s a band with no real purpose other than to entertain a cat and its owners.  It says “hi my name is roland  i am orange and stripey  meow!

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