Hi, I’m Carrie.  I learned to crochet and knit as a kid, and as an adult I started knitting again.  Knitting led to weaving.  Both weaving and knitting led to spinning, and spinning led me to wood turning.  I do a lot of stuff.

I’m not a very faithful blog updater, but maybe that will change.  Probably not.

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  • Jimmy says:

    Hello, Carrie!

    I just came across your blog, looking at wool weaving techniques.
    I noticed the fabric of one of your scarves (zinniz.com/?p=46) looks like what I want one of my projects to look like.

    Was there a particular weaving technique you used for this one?

    Would you be so kind as to use my email address for your reply, because I would like to send you pictures of that item I want to reproduce, as well as use your expertise to learn what I can about the craft of my project?

    Best regards,

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